Yogurt is easier to digest than milk and is an excellent source of protein, B vitamins and essential minerals.

Yogurt 4 Me (Y4M) home yogurt maker machine was invented to deliver a great tasting yogurt every time:
Features of Yogurt 4 Me yogurt maker:

  • is easy to use
  • is small, easy to store
  • is economical
  • keeps precise temperature
  • makes any amount of yogurt
  • uses your favourite containers
  • is environmentally friendly

Y4M yogurt maker will ensure the best tasting yogurt every time.

Simply prepare your milk with yogurt culture, fill your favourite glass containers, place them in an insulated box or cooler, add the yogurt maker, plug it in and let the good bacteria make you the best yogurt. The fermentation process takes anywhere from 6-24 hours, depending on your preferences (24 hour yogurt is virtually lactose free).

This design is so unique it has patent pending status.

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