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Oct 21

The Smallest Yogurtmaker

We have designed our Y4M Yogurtmaker with your cupboard space in mind – small, very small. In fact, for storage it fits into one of the 1 liter (1quart) jars you may be using for making the yogurt. The Y4M Yogurtmaker only weighs 294g (10.4oz) and measures 51x51x100mm (2x2x4in).

Y4M Yogurtmaker size comparison

Y4M Yogurtmaker beside 1quart jar

We didn’t want yet another appliance to clutter up your cupboard or counter space. We designed an appliance, that is economical in the amount of materials used, without sacrificing quality. We strongly believe that Y4M Yogurtmaker is the smallest, highest quality and best design out there. Try it and you will agree with us.

Small but mighty, it will make you the highest amount of yogurt and take the smallest amount of space.

Savings, savings, savings

Make your own yogurt for a fraction of the cost.

0.75L (3 cups) of yogurt from a store costs about $4.49

To make the same amount of yogurt you will pay only $0.78 ($0.75 for the milk+ $0.03 for the electricity).

SAVINGS of $4.49 – $0.78 = $3.71 for just 3 cups of yogurt

If you use only 1 container per week you will save $192.92 in the first year.

If you are like our family, we use about 4L (1 gallon) of yogurt per week resulting in a saving of $1028 per year.

Now that’s what we call savings. The Y4M yogurt maker will pay for itself in 5 weeks.

Yogurt with granola

Yogurt with granola

Environmental Benefits

Bowl of yogurt

Pure goodness of yogurt

Environmental sustainability is very important to us.

With Y4M yogurt maker you can reuse your favorite containers – no more plastic to the already overflowing landfills.
And it only costs about 3 cents in electricity to make a week supply (4 litres) of yogurt.

What is in your yogurt?

What do you really have to put in your yogurt? Milk and bacterial culture – anything else is optional. With Y4M yogurt maker, your yogurt will come out smooth, thick and great tasting every time. Very little effort is required on your part. No need to stir, whisk, strain, filter or otherwise “fumble” with your milk. Our instructions will teach you how.

Now when you make your own yogurt you will find that you trust the product more and you end up using it more for breakfast, snacks and in your cooking and baking. See our recipes page for some ideas or send us your ideas.

Pure yogurt

Simple goodness

A new kind of yogurt maker

yogurt maker with jars

yogurt maker with jars

We designed Yogurt 4 Me home yogurt maker because a yogurt maker with the features we wanted did not exist. Our Y4M has the following features:

  • is easy to use
  • is small, easy to store
  • keeps precise temperature
  • is economical
  • makes any amount of yogurt
  • uses your favorite containers
  • is environmentally friendly