Savings, savings, savings

Make your own yogurt for a fraction of the cost.

0.75L (3 cups) of yogurt from a store costs about $4.49

To make the same amount of yogurt you will pay only $0.78 ($0.75 for the milk+ $0.03 for the electricity).

SAVINGS of $4.49 – $0.78 = $3.71 for just 3 cups of yogurt

If you use only 1 container per week you will save $192.92 in the first year.

If you are like our family, we use about 4L (1 gallon) of yogurt per week resulting in a saving of $1028 per year.

Now that’s what we call savings. The Y4M yogurt maker will pay for itself in 5 weeks.

Yogurt with granola

Yogurt with granola